X-Power Micro Integrated 2.4GHz 4-CH Radio Control 4-Axis Aircraft - Black
価格(概算): ¥15,370   出荷予定:通常7~10日で取り寄せ
- Model: BS-01
- Quantity: 1
- Color: Black
- Material: PCB
- Channel: 4
- Channel specification: Hovering, forward / backward, full ROLL, left / right,
- Please refer to http://www.multiwii.com/ for more information
- Remote type: Radio control
- Remote control frequency: 2.4GHz
- Remote control range: 100m
- Battery type: Li-ion polymer
- Charging time: 30 minutes
- Flying time: 10 minutes
- Suitable for players who know about multi-axis aircraft for DIY
- Compact, stable flight, suitable for indoor and small space flight
- Accessories easily enough, native made of 5,030 propellers, batteries can be selected 130mAh~500mAh, 2S~3S lithium polymer batteries (after testing under 7.4V) can hover over 7 minutes flight, if 2 blades propeller, can last longer
- The total weight of 250g, pull up to 680g, you can carry more equipment to meet your demand for more DIY
- The unit will light, rack, mobilize into one, cabling is simple and elegant (Cross and x mode light can be adjustable)
- The flight control selection of MWC MulitWii Lite is available to switch manually and self-stabilized mode flying, you can review this by clicking on official website http://www.mutiwii.com/
- Can carry more different flight control flight, compatible with 2.4GHz, PPM, PCM, FM
- Packing list:
- 1 x Aircraft
- 5 x Signal connector cables
- 1 x Green 5030 blades
- 1 x Black 5030 blades
- 1 x Fixed band
寸法: 26.0 cm x 26.0 cm x 6.2 cm
重量: 162g