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N2Mobile Bluetooth Adapter Transformer for iOS Android Smartphone Tablet PC - Black + White
価格(概算): ¥6,351   出荷予定:売り切れ
- Brand: N2Mobile
- Quantity: 1
- Color: Black + white
- Material: Plastic + PC board
- Compatible Models: iPhone / iPod / iPad, Android smartphone / tablet PC / notebook
- NN2Mobile is the communication product which compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android tablet and mobile phone. Users can add with voice call, SMS transceiver and high-speed Internet access function to all IOS or Android products by inserting GSM SIM card. Its small size, connected via Bluetooth, up to 10-meter effective operating range. It is the innovation of the traditional digital technology, one of the best combination for communication products
- Function:
- N2 Mobile + iPhone Or Android Phone = Dual SIM Dual Standby Phone
- N2 Mobile + iPod = Phone
- N2 Mobile + iPad Or Android Tablet PC = 3G MID
- Product Feature:
- Enables iPhone or Android to have double SIM card function
- Enables iPod Touch, iPad and Android tablet to have voice call function
- Enables iPad and Android tablet access to internet by GPRS
- Can answer call by headset, with vibration function
- Portable, size: 75mm x 39mm x 8.8mm, weight: 30g
- Bluetooth connection, up to 10-meter effective operating range
- Battery lasts for 120 hours, offers a talk time of up to 6 hours
- Packing List:
- 1 x Bluetooth adapter
- 1 x USB cable (80cm)
- 1 x Chinese / English user manual
寸法: 7.3 cm x 4.0 cm x 0.9 cm
重量: 32g